5 Tips for Success with Outdoor Video Production

Tips for Success with Outdoor Video Production

Video is one of the best tools businesses have for delivering their message in the digital world. When you’re ready to invest in video, you want to do everything to make sure you’re getting maximum impact. Whether you work with a professional production company or take on the challenge of video yourself, there’s a lot to consider.

The location of your video is one of the most important decisions you’ll make. The location you choose serves as the backdrop and will set the overall tone of your video. Many  businesses find that shooting their video outdoors, at least in part, makes their content more relatable and engaging to their audience.

That said, outdoor video production has its perks and challenges. If you’re considering producing your video in the great outdoors, here are a few things to consider, along with some tips for successful video production.

The Beauty of Outdoor Video Production

Maybe this is a biased perspective, but there’s something energizing and mood lifting about spending time outdoors on a gorgeous Miami afternoon. While there are some people who prefer spending time indoors, most people would admit to craving the sunshine and warm breeze that Miami is famous for.

As humans, we have a biological need for sunshine but we also have a strong emotional response to outdoor imagery. Just looking at an image of someone lounging on the beach or strolling through the park is enough to help the average person power through to the end of their workday when they can escape and spend some time basking in nature themselves.

This strong emotional connection is one of the reasons that outdoor venues are so important to video production. While it’s true that some videos are more well suited for indoor production, outdoor venues can take any standard video and elevate it to incite a greater emotional response from the viewer.

The Challenges of Outdoor Video Production

With the right strategy, outdoor video production can produce amazing results and add just the right touch to your professional videos. Still, there are challenges that exist and it’s important to be aware of them before so you can prepare ahead of time.

One of the most significant challenges is that Mother Nature usually does her own thing, which makes her a less than reliable business associate. Of course, you can plan video production around the weather forecast but even if you manage to miss the rain, there are still other elements that can interfere with your success.

For instance, cloudy skies might roll in on a moment’s notice or an unexpected windy spell might make it challenging to shoot video according to plan.

Even considering all of this, it isn’t fair to put all the blame on the weather. Often, outdoor video production happens in public venues or in areas with significant foot traffic. Background noise and unpredictable behaviors of people passing by can present a unique type of challenge.

Still, even with its challenges, outdoor venues offer something that just can’t be recreated and captured on video in indoors. With a little preparation and a few tips for success, it’s possible to create captivating and engaging outdoor video. Here are a few of our favorite tips.

Top Tips for Outdoor Video Production

You’ve decided on an outdoor venue for your new video. Congratulations, it’s going to be amazing – as long you’ve prepared yourself for the adventures of outdoor video production. Here are 5 tips that will help you avoid some of the typical snafus that occur when filming outdoors.

Spend Some Time Scouting Locations

You might have the ideal location in mind for your outdoor video but that doesn’t mean that it’s going to turn out as well as you planned. Outdoor venues are packed with all types of nuances that need to be considered.

It’s best to not get your heart set on one outdoor filming location – at least not right away. You’ll want to consider a few options and then spend some time visiting each, with your camera in tow. This will give you the opportunity to assess lighting and other factors, like background noise, before the day of filming.

Consider the Audio Component

It’s difficult to avoid background noise altogether with outdoor video, especially if you’re filming at a high traffic location in Miami. Sometimes, background noise can supply the perfect amount of realism to your video but you don’t want to be caught off-guard by excessive noise.

If you’re filming in public, check with local businesses or community calendars to determine if there are any scheduled events in the area that might add a layer of complexity to achieving high quality audio. Also, even light wind can damage audio quality so don’t forget to bring along a windshield for your microphone.

Play Around with Lighting

If video production is relatively new territory for you, getting outdoor lighting just right can be especially challenging. You’ll want to consider the tone of your video and the type of lighting contrasts you’re looking to create. Don’t count on the sun alone to achieve the desired results. Bring along reflectors, artificial lights and additional lighting equipment to combat unwanted shadows and fill in the gaps as necessary.

Don’t Forget About the Practicalities

If there’s one advantage to indoor video production, it’s that it offers many conveniences. When you’re indoors you don’t have to worry about lugging around props or forgetting that one essential piece of equipment.

It’s important to consider the practicalities when filming outdoors. For instance, consider any obstacles that exist with parking and ease of transporting your equipment to the site. Also, you might find that you need additional equipment  once you leave the studio. Always start with a trial run before the day of production to make sure nothing gets left behind.

Consider Working with a Professional Video Production Agency in Miami

With Miami’s bright skies and gorgeous natural backdrops, it’s hard to go wrong with outdoor video production – especially if you work with a professional team like the one at MU2 Productions. We’re experts of Miami video production, and we have an impressive portfolio to show for it. Contact MU2 Productions today and learn how our approach to video production can elevate your business.

Although based in Miami, MU2 has produced projects all over the country in cities like Atlanta, Orlando, LA, Detroit, NYC, and many more. If you have a project that is ready to get off the ground, contact us today.

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