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As a Top Miami Video Production Company, MU2 Productions was established in 2009. MU2 concentrates on the development of high end media products and production services. Products include digital content, commercials, music videos, corporate, social media campaigns, and docu-style marketing. MU2 can be hired as a full-service Miami Video Production Company or provide custom video production services like gear rentals or crews for any project needs.

Our Work

Hard Rock - I am
Sam’s Club –
Dad’s Grill
Bud’s Chicken
and Seafood
Auviq – All
About Safety
Super Bowl
The Flag
Home Depot
- Small Patio
Tiffany Houghton

What We Do

We create videos that connect with all types of audiences, with full service capabilities that bring projects from the initial idea through final delivery.

Miami Video Production

As a Miami Video Production Company we offer all levels of video production services, including coordinating, crew hiring, line producing, turn key services, gear rentals, locations, casting, etc. We have the best contacts in the industry and experience and know how to get any job done.


Our team is made up of producers, directors, editors and cinematographers. We bring years of talent and experience to our work which exponentially increases the video production value of your video. Our strength and what makes us different is our approach and our ability to maximize production value with simple and effective solutions.


We aim every project we produce to be told in the most cinematic and emotionally aesthetic way possible. We always strive to push the limits of video production using the best crew, talent, equipment and technology possible to make a video that exceeds the expectations of our clients and your audience.

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