The Benefits of Corporate Videos for Your Business

Are you trying to find a way to amp up your digital marketing? To enhance the effectiveness of your online marketing, you may want to focus on video production.

If you’re skeptical that videos can extend your digital reach, consider the following:

  • 82 percent of people who use Twitter consume video on the social platform
  • Viewers watch over 500 million hours of video on YouTube every single day
  • A full third of all online activity consists of watching videos
  • A half billion people watch videos on Facebook on a daily basis
  • 85 percent of Internet users in the United States watch videos online

People who still doubt the power of video need to think about one more compelling statistic. Approximately 87 percent of online marketers are already using video content. What does that mean for you? It means it’s likely that you’re already behind the competition if you’re not currently engaged in corporate video production.

Benefits of Using Corporate Videos

If you don’t think it’s necessarily a good idea to use videos just because nearly everyone else is doing it, we applaud your individuality but advise you to make videos anyway. While going against the grain is sometimes a good idea, it isn’t when it comes to online videos. Most people prefer video content over other formats, which means you could be missing invaluable opportunities to connect with your target audience if you don’t incorporate videos into your digital marketing plan.

You might be missing out on some meaningful benefits as well. Corporate video production provides some significant benefits that aren’t always available with other types of marketing activities.

More Website Traffic

With video consumption accounting for such a large part of activity online, it’s only natural that video production can help you attract more traffic. By providing engaging videos on your site, you can do more than “just” gain more website visitors. You have the opportunity to keep people on your webpages for longer periods of time.

When more people visit your site and they spend greater lengths of time viewing your content, it can improve where your site lands in search engine results pages. As your website’s rank in SERPs improves, your site stands to earn even more traffic.

An Outlet for Your Brand’s Story

Storytelling is an effective way to market your brand as well as your goods or services. What better way is there to tell a story than with video?

While the goal is obviously to use video to achieve your marketing objectives, it’s important to remember that you don’t have to use all of your videos to push the things you sell. You can use video for much, much more. You can create a video that explains how your brand came to be, for example. If your brand is active in the community, you can show people how you contribute to your community through video.

Do you want to humanize your business and make it seem more approachable? You can make a video that tells a story with a behind-the-scenes tour of your headquarters.

Gives Viewers Control

Do you remember being in school and having to learn things at a pace dictated by your teacher? When you create videos for your digital channels, you’re giving people the chance to learn the information included in your clips at their own pace because they can stop and pause your videos whenever they want to. This enables viewers to relax as they consume your videos.

Increased Engagement

Whenever you upload a video to your website, you need to make sure it’s shareable. You should also share your corporate videos on the appropriate social sites and encourage your followers to share your clips with their own followers.

If your videos are compelling enough, they may generate more than likes. They may also motivate people to make comments and engage in discussions, conversations you can join.

The key to increasing engagement through corporate video production is to make videos that are directly relevant to the members of your target audience. Rather than making videos about things you want to talk about, you need to focus your video production on the topics that are meaningful and relevant to your existing clients and prospects.

When people share your videos, it’s the equivalent of free advertising for you. Use your video production wisely so consumers want to share your clips and do some advertising for you.

A Vehicle to Share Testimonials

If this is a secret, it’s not a well-kept one – many consumers trust online reviews and testimonials as much as they trust the recommendations they get from people they know personally. While written reviews are certainly powerful, video testimonials are at least just as persuasive and convincing.

When someone writes a glowing review of your company or one of your products or services, contact the individual to see if the person would be willing to star in a video testimonial. You should make your filmed testimonials available for people to view right on your website. Sharing those testimonials on your social media pages is also a good idea.

Product Demonstrations

Have you ever bought a product that required assembly at home? If so, you know how frustrating, if not maddening it can be to follow written instructions even when they’re accompanied by pictures. You can prevent consumers from becoming irritated during the assembly process by creating videos that literally show people how they can assemble your goods simply at home.

You can go one step further and produce videos that explain how people can use the things you sell. Even if you sell intangible services, you can still make videos that visually demonstrate how your services can enhance the quality of people’s lives.

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