About MU2

We’re proud to be considered among the top video production companies in South Florida, providing expert corporate video services that help meet the needs of today’s most innovative businesses.

MU2 Productions is a Miami-based video marketing company established in 2009 that assists in all stages of the development of highly crafted media products and production services. Our general advertising and social media video production services include:


MU2 can be hired for full-service Miami video productions or to provide specific services like gear rentals or crews for any project needs. From concept development and pre-production to filming and post-production, we’re here every step of the way to help make your project a success.

Work with a corporate video production company that offers hands-on experience with every detail of the technical and creative aspects involved in bringing your content to life. With hundreds of contacts in the industry, our production process allows for projects to come together with ease and within your budget, and we often collaborate with brands, agencies, artists, and other production companies to ensure that you get the results you’re looking for.

Our Incredible Clients

Although based in Miami, MU2 has produced projects all over the country in cities like Atlanta, Orlando, LA, Detroit, NYC, and many more. If you have a project that is ready to get off the ground, contact us today.