5 Reasons We Love Miami as a Location for Professional Video Production

Location, location, location. There’s a lot to consider when producing a video for your business and location is hands down one of the most important. The perfect location provides a backdrop that will speak to your end viewers on an emotional level. This is something even more important for shorter videos that demands you pack a powerful visual punch to compensate for the limited amount of time you have your audience’s attention.

Too many businesses limit themselves when considering the location for their videos. Here’s a little secret – you don’t need to be confined to your office building or even your own city for producing your video. In fact, expanding the scope of your options to include prime locations like Miami can make all the difference in the success of your video and how well it performs for your business.

So, what’s so special about Miami as a location for professional video production? We can think of lots of reasons, but we’ll start with these five.

Plenty of Natural Sunlight

In video production, lighting is everything. The lighting component of your video has a significant impact on how it is perceived by the end viewer. The challenge, from a technical standpoint, is that video cameras don’t respond to lighting the same way that the human eye does. As a result, it’s necessary to overcompensate and there just aren’t any light bulbs that can compete with the one nature has Mother Nature has already provided us.

Miami is blessed with endless amounts of gorgeous sunshine. With such ample light, Miami is the perfect backdrop for video production that includes any outdoor elements. All this sunshine is a bonus for indoor video as well. Video production for business professionals, which is often shot inside professional style buildings, benefits from natural light pouring through the windows. Plus, natural sunlight is flattering to actors that are the focal point of your video.

It’s also important to take into consideration the general public’s perception of natural light. From a biological standpoint, viewers are more attracted to elements of natural light than they are artificial lighting. This isn’t to say that lighting enhancements don’t serve a very important role in video production, but you can’t beat the effects of natural sunlight – and Miami has plenty of it.

Scenic Variety

What do you have in mind as the backdrop for your next professional video? Whatever it is, Miami has it. Miami is a glamorous city that’s filled with amazing architecture – both classic and modern. You never have to venture far to find a spot that’s filled with character and just the right personality to match the intent of your video.

In addition to the architectural elements and indoor video locations that are nothing short of stunning, Miami isn’t lacking when it comes to gorgeous outdoor venues. With endless beaches and so many other natural wonders, it’s never a challenge to find the perfect background scenery for your professional video.

Professional Actors

Think you need to head to California to find the best acting talent for your professional video? Think again. Miami has made a name for itself in the video production industry and high quality, professional actors have taken notice.

There are times when you, or members of your team, will want to be included in your video. However, for the times when you’d rather stay in the background and leave the work in front of the video camera to a professional, it’s never a problem to find an actor with the right look, style and personality to bring your video to life.

Acclimated Culture

Obviously, there are plenty of great venues across the nation for shooting your video. From beautiful natural backdrops to architectural wonders, you could make an argument that Miami isn’t the only perfect spot for video production. What you won’t find in other locations is a local culture that has acclimated themselves to the video production industry.

To put it simply, video production can be a bit “disruptive”, especially when it’s happening at a venue that’s normally populated by people. At public venues, it’s not uncommon for crowds to form and sometimes, these onlookers can interfere with the video production process.

In Miami, film is a way of life. People here get excited about video production but they don’t let it interfere with them going about their day. Additionally, many businesses, architectural landmarks and public venues are accustomed to video production companies submitting requests to use their location. Many businesses and organizations are well versed in policy regarding permits and other legalities, simplifying the pre-production process significantly.

Amazing Video Production Teams

Finally, you can’t have an amazing video without an amazing team that’s devoted to professional video production. You can’t find this just anyplace, but you’ll have no trouble finding the perfect video production team in Miami.

Because the city has become such a hot spot for video production, professional teams and solo video production artists have made Miami their home. Don’t let the options lure you into a false sense of all video production teams being created equal – because they’re not. Instead, the growing video production culture in Miami means that you have plenty of options and the chance to work with the ones that will work the hardest to deliver your message and branding through quality video content.

When interviewing a Miami video production company, don’t hesitate to ask the tough questions. It’s important that you know what industries they specialize in, what their video production process and timeline looks like and that they can show you proof of their results. You don’t want to trust the reputation of your business to anyone who can’t elevate your image with a professional approach to video content.

Your Partner for Miami Video Production

The right video production company can change how your audience views your business through powerful visual content. At MU2 Productions, we’re focused on challenging the status quo and producing quality video that helps your business thrive. Contact us at MU2 Production to learn more about why Miami video production is right for you.

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