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Full Frame Video Production

By Oscar Ubilluz - August 20, 2021

The advancement of technology in digital cinematography has always progressed through many pinch point innovations, but among the many industry changes that have stood the test of time, perhaps the one that stands out the most is the use of full frame video production.

Full frame video production at its core integrates the use of full frame sensors to produce higher quality, crisper resolution when creating film. The term ‘full frame’ encompasses the use of larger sensors, most commonly at the traditional film size of 35 mm. It seems now that many companies have turned to this practice, and the use of full frame digital cine cameras is quickly becoming an industry norm. But, larger sensors aren’t all that they provide. In fact, there are plenty of reasons why this shift is absolutely warranted in the world of cinematography.

Benefits of Full Frame Video Production

Among the most straightforward benefits of full frame video production is the versatility the cameras provide. Having access to full frame, Super 35 or smaller crops allows for different perspectives and frame rates when shooting. Full frame cameras provide much more capabilities to filmmakers and allow them to more easily control how they want their images to look. Some of these capabilities include:

  • Depth of field control – Focal length is huge in cinematography. Sometimes you may want everything to be in focus, and other times you want the background to be blurred. Full frame cameras provide the ability to capture exactly what you want, when you want it. Even the blurred sections can remain aesthetically pleasing.
  • Field of view – A full frame camera makes it easier to get separation in images with a wider shot. This is especially useful with landscape and establishing shots, giving actors more room to explore the frame.
  • Crisp resolution – Larger camera pixels also produce higher quality shots at high ISO sensitivities. This provides a cleaner shot, as more light can enter, with a much wider cap to ISO levels that allow for crisp shooting even when light levels fall.
  • Selection of lenses – Full frame digital cine cameras also allow for a larger selection of lenses to choose from. Manufacturers have answered this by creating cine versions of still lenses with gears and professional lens mounts. As cinematographers continue to experiment with different styles, the selection of lenses available will only grow.

Full-Frame Cinema

So, is full frame the future of digital cinema? Many production companies have already established themselves within the forefront of full frame productions, aware of the advantages presented. Fortunately, this also means that full frame technology is getting cheaper. And, now that filmmakers have an array of cameras to choose from, it appears that full frame is in fact the future for video production and filmmaking alike.

Among the many to choose from, some fantastic full frame cameras available to rent include:

  • Alexa Mini LF: Considered the best Large Format Cine camera on the market, the Alexa Mini LF is the epitome of ARR engineering. Whether it’s for gimbal rigs, steadicam, or as an A camera on a commercial set, this camera is the full package.
  • Sony FX9: This run and gun camera is a follow up to the popular FS7 line, designed from the best technologies of the VENICE and A9. In what Sony calls a “world’s first,” the FX9 has a variable electronic neutral density filter than can be controlled from a hard dial on the side of the camera.
  • Phantom Flex: This is a fantastic choice for shooting at Hi-Speed. With an unprecedented degree of flexibility and portability in all areas of high speed image capture, the Phantom Flex can be shoulder mounted, is battery operated, and comes with some of the best Tech Services in the industry.

Renting Equipment With MU2 Productions

Though prices have grown progressively cheaper, buying full frame equipment is still an undertaking that can quickly lead to going over-budget. For that reason, many have turned to renting to facilitate these industry changes. MU2 Productions is a Miami-based video marketing company that provides a wide range of services, including high-quality equipment rentals. With options for rent such as the Arri ALEXA Mini, the Phantom Flex Camera, and the ALEXA Mini LF, our goal is to provide filmmakers with all the full frame access they need for a reasonable price. Contact us today for a quote on our many products to choose from to get you going in the world of digital cinema.

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