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Where to Find the Best Stock Music for Video Edits

By Oscar Ubilluz - March 3, 2021

Are you looking for the perfect stock music for video edits? Stock music is an excellent choice for sourcing low-cost or free audio for video production projects, and there are quite a few places to look when you want to find your best option.

Here’s what you should know about why music and background sounds are essential for your video edits—plus helpful tips on finding royalty-free music that gives you all of the benefits without eating up your budget.

The Importance of Royalty-Free Music for Video Editing

Why pay an arm and a leg for sound if you don’t have to? Royalty-free music and background sounds lend much-needed depth and interest to your video project, and can help ensure that you get what you need regardless of how much you have to spend.

Royalty Free Music For Video Editing

Most working filmmakers don’t have the financial resources to invest in mainstream music for their video edits. This is particularly true in today’s marketing world, where creating original videos is just part and parcel of everyday brand advertising.

The solution? Royalty-free music, which provides filmmakers with a huge source of free and cheap music that can back-up any quality video production project. This results in videos that are more interesting and make more of an impact with their audience, with an array of low- or no-cost options that ensure you get the sounds that you need.

How to Get Music for Video Editing

The internet is chock full of sites offering to supply a video editor with free music, meaning you shouldn’t have to sacrifice on quality or content in order to get the sounds you want on a limited budget. And while they’re not all totally free (some sites require a low-cost monthly subscription fee), they’re far and away cheaper than any other means of sourcing music for your video project.

Here are some of the best picks:

    Music For Video Edits

  1. YouTube – Search a huge cache of free music in YouTube’s audio library, with sounds that span across many genres and styles. While it’s a bit more limited than other stock music sites, you get full access at no cost, so it’s definitely worth checking out first.
  2. PremiumBeat – One of the leaders in stock music sourcing, PremiumBeat offers a massive selection with licenses that range from about $12.99 (with a monthly subscription) to $199, depending on your choice. They also have a selection of free music, if you’re not too picky.
  3. Shutterstock – Shutterstock does more than just images and videos. Use the stock site to find royalty-free music at an affordable membership cost of just $16.60 per month ($199 per year). You can download up to 40 tracks a day, with an almost endless selection of high-quality options.
  4. Musicbed – If you’re able to make a slightly bigger investment, consider Musicbed, which offers access to a huge range of indie musicians for $99.99 per month ($69.99 per month for non-profits). While it is more costly, you get assurance of quality and consistency, plus access to music that’s uniquely geared toward hooking your audience.
  5. AudioJungle – This is one of the cheapest stock music sites, with royalty-free music and audio starting at just $1 per track. We’re huge fans of their easy search function, which includes “Music Packs” that direct you to a ton of different options within your preferred genre.

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