Looking Ahead to the Future of Video Production

Video has a firmly established, very important place in our everyday world. For decades now, video has provided entertainment and been one of our preferred ways of consuming information. With the average person spending more time than ever on the internet, especially on social media where video reigns supreme, our relationship with video is only going to grow even stronger.

We know that video isn’t going anywhere, but there’s some curiosity about where it’s heading in the future. Considering that the past couple years have brought around some great advancements in video production technology, it’s only natural to wonder what’s on the horizon.

To a degree, we can only speculate. Who really knows how video production will unfold over the next decade or even further into the future? But we do have a pretty good grasp on what to expect in trends today and into the near future, as well as an ever-growing realization of how integral video has become to our daily lives.

Curious about what modern video production looks like today, and how it will change tomorrow? Here’s what to expect for the future of video production and its importance in our lives.

Video Becomes More Accessible

The next time you’re out in public somewhere, stop and take a look around. How many people around you have their smartphone in their hand? The amount of time we spend scrolling through the internet from our smartphones is climbing, and a good chunk of this time is spent being engrossed in video.

However, it isn’t just video consumption that has skyrocketed right along with mobile usage. There has also been an increase in the number of people who are making videos themselves. Where you once needed a special video camera, the mobile devices we carry around all day are being developed with increasing sophisticated video capabilities.

This has made it possible for social media video to gain insane popularity. Social media users can quickly shoot a short video and have it immediately connected to their feed. The accessibility of personal video capabilities has shifted the average consumer’s expectations when it comes to video production for businesses. If they can produce engaging video with nothing more than a smartphone, why aren’t their favorite businesses keeping pace?

In the past, video equipment and production were too costly for many smaller businesses. This isn’t the case anymore. Quality video production – whether you’re talking about accessibility to equipment, knowledge or connecting with a qualified video production agency – is within reach of practically every business. This means that we’re going to see more video used in marketing and that businesses will begin to explore new ways of engaging their audiences with high quality video content.

Interaction and Connections

As video becomes more accessible, it also becomes more mainstream. As mentioned above, businesses are going to start investing more energy into discovering new ways to engage their audiences with video. After all, when video is everywhere, you need to do something to stand out from the crowd.

One of video’s key benefits is that it’s so highly engaging. The future of video takes this level of engagement and brings it up a few notches by becoming more interactive.

Interactive video isn’t exactly a new concept, but we’re going to see a lot more of it in video production. Interactive video allows the person viewing it to interact with the content using a variety of tools. For instance, the viewer might click or drag their way around a virtual home tour or click on a “hotspot” in a video ad that instantly provides the viewer with more information about a specific product.

From providing 360° views to allow the viewer to take complete control of their interaction, the one thing that’s going to remain critically important is the quality of production with interactive content.

It’s important to use interactive content thoughtfully and really consider the value of the viewer experience – especially if you take the gamification route. The last thing you want to do is let low quality or lack of strategy interfere with outcome of the viewer experience.

Videos Go Vertical

In the past, video was produced for the horizontal screen. This was true whether it was your television at home, a computer screen or a smartphone that was flipped sideways. As we move into the future, consumers are starting to look for a more comfortable way to consume video, and sometimes a horizontal screen isn’t the answer.

Video production is beginning to focus more heavily on the vertical viewing experience. Mobile audiences have grown tired of flipping their phones around and want video content that can be consumed on the natural vertical screen of their devices. This also holds true for people that use tablets to access video content.

The point is, we can’t really make any assumptions about the type of device or screen that any viewer is using, so we must learn to adapt video production to meet changing demands and expectations. Video production with a focus on vertical video is going to be a huge trend this year and moving into the future.

Choosing a Miami Video Production Agency That Can Take You into the Future

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