How to Maximize Video Engagement to Better Reach Your Customers

Is your business doing everything that it can to maximize its video engagement?

There are lots of different things that can affect how well your video performs, from highly impactful elements like video quality, length, and script to less impactful (but still meaningful) elements like the thumbnail that you include to drive clicks. And the better that you can optimize each of these elements in your corporate videos, the better that you can engage your customers.

There are more than 500 million hours of video being watched on YouTube alone every day. That doesn’t even take into account all the video that’s being consumed on other social media platforms, websites, vlogs, etc.

So what is it about video that makes it so incredibly engaging? Let’s take a closer look at why investing in company video production services is worth it for today’s brands.

It All Starts With Capturing Attention

Before you can amp up engagement, you need a strategy to attract more customers to your business. Video is the tool that accomplishes this feat with ease. Customers want to engage with businesses they trust. But to establish that trust, you first need to get yourself on their radar.

If given a choice between reading a blog and watching a video, video is usually going to win hands down. That’s because video is visually compelling, and it’s a pro at grabbing attention. If a customer spots something of interest while quickly scrolling through their smartphone, they’re infinitely more likely to scroll back and click on a video than they would any other form of content.

Let’s Talk About Engagement

So we know video is the way to grab your customer’s attention, but what happens after you’ve captured their interest is equally amazing. Video is without question one of the most engaging digital mediums you can use to build connections with your audience.

The key to customer engagement with video all starts with the emotional factor. High quality commercial video services help you generate videos that provoke a strong emotional response. Whether you’re putting a face to your brand or engaging through a visual story, video makes your message more real and tangible. This plants the seed for an emotional connection to form.

When you take all the information that your brain receives and processes, the overwhelming majority of it is visual. When a customer watches video, they’re absorbing more of your message and they’re forming a relationship with your brand because of it. The more comfortable and familiar a business feels; the more likely customers are to invest time and energy engaging with them.  

How to Improve Video Engagement

Aside from working with a pro team, here are some other things that you can do to make more impactful, more engaging videos:

Quality first – Quality is the number one most important factor when it comes to how your video performs. From your equipment to your content, all of it should be geared toward producing videos that look clean, authoritative, and worthy of your audiences’ time.

Ask questions – Get your audience thinking by asking questions in your videos. Not only does this instantly encourage engagement, but it also helps ensure that people are thinking about your videos even after they’re over.

Evoke emotions – Speaking of making a lasting impression, make sure that your videos evoke emotion. Not only will it make your videos more memorable, it will also make your audience more likely to act.

Keep it short – A great marketing video should be about two minutes long, give or take. That’s enough time to get your point across but not so much time that you lose interest.

Include visual cues – Annotations, text-driven CTAs, and other visual cues are a great way to highlight the key points of your video – and to ensure they stick in your audiences’ minds.

Looking to Hire Video Production Professionals?

We offer comprehensive video marketing services that Florida businesses can trust to drive better content and more conversions. If your company needs help creating engaging videos, get in touch and find out what the MU2 Productions team can do for you.

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