MU2 Productions has been in business for nearly a decade, and continues to find innovative solutions for businesses that need to create marketing videos that resonate. The world may have slowed down, but we haven’t. Below are some of the ways we are ensuring your safety on set, and helping you create video content now and into the future. 

COVID 19 Video Production Guidelines

  • Cleaning – All equipment is disinfected both before and after all shoots.
  • Protective Facemasks / PPE – We will wear protective masks and gloves at all times and safe distancing will be mandatory. Anyone who is on our set must wear a CDC approved face mask. We provide our entire crew with N95 respirators for use during the production. We also provide hand sanitizers, gloves and face shields for any who wants to wear one.
  • Distancing – Productions crews are minimal and only the most necessary crew members are allowed on set. Crew are required to be at least 6 ft from each other  when ever possible. On larger productions we rely on testing and other levels of safety to keep our production COVID SAFE.
  • Remote and Virtual Options – We can provide a weblink for anyone who wants to view the production and make decisions from a remote location. We have had Ad Agencies from Europe provide feedback and direct productions in real time with our wireless remote viewing system.
  • Departments  –  On set our production departments work within their own areas. For example; Camera department only interacts with camera dept. 
  • Testing – Upon request, we can have crew tested between 24-72 hours prior to production, and provide proof of negative COVID 19 test. Crew will quarantine after being tested.
  • RAPID TEST – For our larger commercial projects we can provide ON SET RAPID TEST capabilities. Crew arriving on set are given a rapid test to confirm negative status.


COVID 19 Services

  • N95 Facemasks
  • Distancing
  • On Set Nurse
  • Temperature Taking
  • Crew Quarantine
  • Crew 24-72hr Negative Covid Test *
  • Rapid ON Set Test *
  • Pre Packaged Meals
  • Remote and Virtual Options
  • On Set Hand Sanitizer Stations
  • Faceshields, Gloves, and PPE Provided