5 Reasons We Love Miami as a Location for Professional Video Production

Location, location, location. There’s a lot to consider when producing a video for your business and location is hands down one of the most important. The perfect location provides a backdrop that will speak to your end viewers on an emotional level. This is something even more important for shorter videos that demands you pack a powerful visual punch to compensate for the limited amount of time you have your Read More

5 Tips for Success with Outdoor Video Production

Video is one of the best tools businesses have for delivering their message in the digital world. When you’re ready to invest in video, you want to do everything to make sure you’re getting maximum impact. Whether you work with a professional production company or take on the challenge of video yourself, there’s a lot to consider.

The location of your video is one of the most important decisions Read More

The Benefits of Corporate Videos for Your Business

Are you trying to find a way to amp up your digital marketing? To enhance the effectiveness of your online marketing, you may want to focus on video production.

If you’re skeptical that videos can extend your digital reach, consider the following:

82 percent of people who use Twitter consume video on the social platformViewers watch over 500 million hours of video on YouTube every single dayA full third of Read More

How Videos Can Help Leverage Your Social Media Presence

Wouldn’t you expect any organization that’s affiliated with the Small Business Administration to know its stuff? SCORE, the country’s biggest network of volunteer business experts, certainly does. Since its inception in 1964, SCORE has assisted over 11 million entrepreneurs through activities like mentoring and hosting workshops.

To help aspiring business owners realize their dreams, SCORE conducts research to stay on top of business trends. One trend that’s only been growing Read More

What Makes Miami A Perfect Place For Video Production

Many businesses which lead their industry have come to Miami for video production services. MU2 Productions has worked with big names like Disney, Uber, Ford, and McDonald’s to create effective video advertising campaigns. As a cultural hub of the country, Miami is populated with many businesses looking to distinguish themselves and grow larger. As a result, these businesses will want to find the best advertising media to demonstrate their product. Read More

What Separates MU2 Productions From Other Miami Video Production Companies

Video production services in Miami are competitive with a wide number of businesses looking to get ahead. When looking for a Miami video production company, there are many options but only the best will separate their client’s product from the rest. MU2 productions can distinguish the product using our knowledge of the newest trends and professional film crews to take advantage of every possible aspect.

How MU2 Provides Unparalleled Video Read More

Services That A Miami Video Company Can Provide

Any company looking to create an effective video message should contact MU2, the number one Miami video company. As a premier video production company in Miami, MU2 always creates remarkable projects. The video industry trend is increasing as more websites are adding embedded videos. MU2 has the connections, experience, knowledge of trends to help any business create the perfect marketing video.


Different Mediums For Different Audiences

Creating the right Read More

5 Important Production Services a Miami Production Company Provides

Video production companies in Miami can provide the best in the industry when compared to the New York and Los Angeles. Many members of the MU2 Miami have experience in staging, technology, wardrobe and make-up, motion control robots, and high-quality FX Studios. MU2 has years upon years of talent required to handle any project that comes their way,

They provide high-level production on an extremely consistent basis, outpacing video Read More

Why Use a Video Production Company to Promote Your Business?

There are many reasons why a video production company is a great way to boost your organization’s media profile. Marketing is one of the most important factors of managing and maintaining a lucrative business, but each and every medium through which you can advertise is different and offers unique benefits.Video production can provide you numerous advantages that other forms of promotion simply cannot.

If you’re considering video media for your Read More

5 Benefits of Hiring a Miami Video Production Company Like MU2

Video production companies in Miami can provide the same realm of benefits that companies based in Los Angeles, New York, and other high-level production locations. Thousands of commercials and content project are filmed here year round with help with production companies like MU2. Miami acts like the “east coast’s version of L.A” offering a deep pool of production veterans, various types of locations that match any location, strong casting, and Read More

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