Miami Video Production during Covid-19 – Open for Business

As we all face this new normal with Covid-19, we are here to help with any video production needs in new and safe ways. First we have many options that can be done purely remotely with no contact.

  • FULL REMOTE STUDIO with Various Background Options, we can also create virtual sets to help create a larger studio atmosphere.
  • COMPACT CAMERA CREWS with fewer crew members getting the job done with less density on set
  • SAFETY, SAFETY, SAFETY – We are adhering to all new safety protocols which include CREW PPE gear (face masks, gloves, temperature checks, 6 foot separation between crew members and much more) We will have a safety PA who will do nothing but wipe down high density locations – Full Safety Protocol list available upon request.
  • REMOTE VIEWING of PRODUCTION SETS – MU2 Productions were helping agencies and clients connect to set remotely prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. Watch and Approve of production decisions and final approval of shots from the comfort of you home and office….and if you are on set, we can create a safe space to view from and say away from all crew density.
  • RENTALS – Mu2 has a flourishing rental business and we aim to keep that in line with coronavirus safety as well. All gear is wiped down with medical level cleaning solution. We also provide no contact pick ups and drop offs. Al paperwork is handled remotely nd prior to pick up so its simple and easy.

As you can see, MU2 Productions is working to create a balance between Safety and the high productions standards we are use to. As we move forward we will adapt and create new options that will work to address our most up to date requirements. We are all in this together, so we hope to get your business moving again in a safe miami video production setting.

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