2014/2015 RESUME

HYUNDAI MOBILE / Agency: DUO / Production: MU2

FORD “Camisatron Copa Mundial” / Ad Agency: Zubi / Production: INNOUT

EBay “SNOW DAY” / Ad Agency: FracTl / Production: MU2PRO

Evatik “Details Make the Man” / Ad Agency: Precision MOntreal / Production: MU2PRO

SMS Headphones “These are My Headphones” Commercial / Production: MU2PRO

COORS LIGHT “What Would You Do? Challenge” / Agency: YB Project / Production: MU2

UNITED WAY “We Live United” / Agency: YB Project /

ALL STATE “Mala Suerte Promos” / Agency: TELEMUNDO / Production: Brands Collective

HONDA “HOME SESSIONS” w/ Paty Cantu / Agency: Orci / Production: UNDERDOG

HISPANIC SCHOLARSHIP FUND AD / Agency: Ad Council / Production: INNOUT

VEIN GUYS “WALK IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION” / Agency: Stinghouse / Production: INNOUT

VEIN GUYS “EVERY STEP COUNTS” / Agency: Stinghouse / Production: INNOUT

HOME DEPOT COMMERCIAL (2nd UNIT PHANTOM DP) / Agency: Richards Group / Production: Joinery

PWC FInanacial / FUTURE OF FINANCIAL / Production: Yellow Butterfly

STATE FARM INSURANCE “Backyard Concert” / Agency: TELEMUNDO / Production: Brands Collective

TOBACCO FREE FLORIDA “Cancer Doesn’t Discriminate” / Agency: Alma / Production: Brands Collective

WEST LAW GROUP “2015 Campaign” / Agency: DWI / Production: INNOUT

IOFRESH “BRAND VIDEO” / Agency: INTERNAL / Production: MU2

UBER “Increasing Mobility” / Agency; Uber / Production: MU2