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Any company looking to create an effective video message should contact MU2, the number one Miami video company. As a premier video production company in Miami, MU2 always creates remarkable projects. The video industry trend is increasing as more websites are adding embedded videos. MU2 has the connections, experience, knowledge of trends to help any business create the perfect marketing video.


Different Mediums For Different Audiences

Creating the right video depends a lot on the delivery method of the video which will determine the audience and purpose. Most video productions are the direct selling of a product or service used as an advertisement in places people were not necessarily looking for it in. The format is usually a 30-60 second television ad. Effective broadcast style commercials will catch the attention of the audience in dynamic way and provide a solution or creative portrayal of the product or service. The power of the visuals and audio should make the viewer feel the necessity of the product or service whether it is through a vivid display of it in action or a compelling and concise story that transforms the way they think of the issue. Other times a commercial can create stylized product videos that show of the brand in artistic ways.

Companies may embed other videos on their websites where the audience is already invested in the issue enough to visit their site. This type of video can afford to take its time with informing the audience of their product or service. These viewers may be harder to persuade since they have taken the time to do their research. At the same time, these videos will need to be relatable to the average person. Making comparisons to everyday issues or simplifying the complexity of a process will reassure the potential customer of the usefulness of said product or service. The thoroughness of these types of videos will determine their success in converting the more skeptical viewers.


The Process

It’s important to organize the script and pre-production process. Planning is key to success of a production. As a premier Miami video company, MU2 knows the process of video production in and out. We know what certain industries require from experience and what general issues can arise during the production process. Our producers are experts at the pre-production process, handling top level commercial, and digital content productions. We attain permits, location scout, handle scripting, casting, organize the shoot, hire crew, handle all rentals, plan art and props, everything that goes into a production. This preparation keep things going smoothly through the production and makes sure you get what you want from your production.

Once pre-production is complete, the production process is ready, we can provide professional actors, makeup artists, art directors, production managers, designers, camera crew, and any other personnel necessary to the scene. A video shoot may be stressful for those with little experience, but with MU2’s professional and detailed pre-production provides a professional and stress-free atmosphere on the scene with the support of its seasoned video production crew.

Once we compile all the footage, post-production turns the raw video into a finished product. Professional video editors organize, while Graphic Designers add animations or GFX to the video, and create emphasis on the subjects. We work with the client hand in hand all the way up to the moment we render the final copy.

For any business looking to create an effective video, make sure to reach out to MU2. MU2 Productions is the Miami Video Company you want to work with. Call us today at (561) 926-3679 to discuss your project.

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