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March, 2018 – MU2 had a fun project shooting some product shots for HEINZ Devour meals. We got to work with one of our friends and a great food artist here in Miami, Adriana Paschen. MU2 offers a wide range of Miami Video Production Services, and part of that is providing solid Director/Cinematographer options for our high end commercial clients.

Video production and filmography can be used for many different applications. You may be looking into a specific type of video production depending on the organization you are representing and what you want the edit to achieve. Videos can be used to entertain, inform, educate, advertise, and more. Common types of video production in Miami include movie production, television show production, commercials, corporate videos, marketing videos, event videos, and product videos.

In this case, the project was product shots, which is a specialty of its own. The key “ingredient” is a talented food artist. Someone that can make the food look tasty and keep it that way during shoot. It’s up the gaffer and cinematographer to make get the cinematography right.

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