The Benefits of Corporate Video Production

As video production is taking over in the digital world, it’s important that businesses truly understand the many benefits of corporate video production, which is the use of video formats for marketing, training, and building brand awareness. Our team at MU2 productions has worked with a variety of corporations to develop videos that produce a high ROI. The benefits of video production in Miami far exceed many other marketing options. Here are the reasons why all businesses should consider investing in corporate video production services.

Tell Your Company’s Story with Corporate Video Production

Corporate video production is an engaging way for companies to tell their story to customers, employees, and partners. Television and radio commercials have time limitations and do not allow businesses to tell their whole story. MU2 has creative and knowledgeable directors that can help create a corporate film that tells a story in a concise, but complete way. With corporate video production services, we can create a video to be published on multiple video platforms, shared on social media, or cut into strategic segments for other purposes.
Benefits Corporate Video Production
If you’re skeptical that videos can extend your digital reach, consider the following:

  • 82 percent of people who use Twitter consume video on the social platform
  • Viewers watch over 500 million hours of video on YouTube every single day
  • A full third of all online activity consists of watching videos
  • A half billion people watch videos on Facebook on a daily basis
  • 85 percent of Internet users in the United States watch videos online

Increase Search Rankings with Corporate Video Production

Google showed that they are a large proponent of video production when they purchased the video platform giant, Youtube. High-quality video production has a large impact on businesses online search rankings. A top position search ranking on Google could mean the difference between getting one lead per day and ten leads per day. To get the most out of a corporate video, add a description, tags, and use transcriptions.

Engage Users with Corporate Video Production

Videos are a significantly more effective tool in capturing online audiences as compared to text-based marketing tactics. The medium is most likely more effective simply because it requires less effort than reading. Videos also are filled with sounds, colors (except in the case of a black and white film), and action shots that capture the attention of users with ease. A few benefits of video content include.

  • Video content is valued by Google
  • Video production marketing is more memorable and therefore increases brand awareness
  • Dense information is more easily understood rather than text

Build Brand Awareness with Corporate Video Production

Video production is a special media format in that it combines both audio and picture. Video is one of the most successful methods in reproducing real life. The use of this media format allows users to understand what it is like to have a product or receive a service before they purchase it. Making a strong impression is an ideal method for building brand awareness. Branded video content can be used for product marketing, training videos, and so much more. Bring a brand to life with the help of corporate video production. Other benefits include:

Corporate videos are an ideal platform to incorporate a call-to-action. Any quality corporate video will include a strong call to action toward the end of the cut. A strong call to action could significantly increase leads for a company. Common calls to action include:

  • Visit our website to learn more and purchase our products
  • Buy our product in stores
  • Call us to talk with representatives

Share Corporate Videos on Social Media

Social media platforms have become a top form of communication across the globe. Creating what is referred to as a “viral video” is the goal of every social media campaign. A viral video is a video that gets shared thousands or millions of times across various social media platforms. Viral videos can turn a business or organization into a household name overnight.

MU2 is an experienced corporate video production company in Miami. Our expert directors and extensive production network allow us to help businesses of all sizes create the best corporate videos. Tell your company’s story, increase search rankings, engage users, build brand awareness, add a call to action, and share a corporate video on social media. Get started today by contacting MU2 Productions at (561) 926-3679!

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