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The art of video production in Miami is a process that requires creativity and the right equipment. Pulling together all of the aspects of a production set is easier to achieve with the involvement of the right industry connections from pre-production to post-production. Let’s explore everything you need to know about successfully producing a video in Miami, Florida.

Video Production: The Process

There are three basic phases of making a video: pre-production, production, and post-production. The steps taken in each phase affect the success of the next phase and the overall final product. Understanding what needs to happen at each stage will help your team avoid delays throughout the filming process. Consider the following for each phase of video production:

  • Pre-Production is when a producer should be working with their team to plan every aspect of the production. Writing out the script is just one element that needs to happen during pre-production. Some other items to consider are logistics, scheduling, casting, location scouting, budgeting, and many other administrative tasks. At MU2 productions, we have a long list of resources and connections for assistance with pre-production tasks. Permitting, staffing, and project management are just a few of the aspects of pre-production we can handle.
  • Production is when the actual filming takes place. When pre-production tasks are completed thoughtfully, the production phase runs a lot smoother. Filming multiple takes and alternative scenes is a good idea to ensure more options during post-production. An experienced producer can make all of the difference is talking the cast and crew through capturing the perfect shot. Our in-house producers have years of creative experience and have worked with a variety of types of video production projects in Miami.
  • Post-production involves the video editing process. All of the video and sound clips captured during filming are carefully cut and organized to create a compelling story. CGI technology and music are often used to add multiple dimensions to the film. MU2 would gladly help you through to the finish line for your video production project, by providing top-notch video editing services.

What Does Video Production Mean?

When the term “video production” is used in the media industry, it is referring to a video that has gone through the phases outlined above. Filming an event or subject simply to capture the moment without planning or editing is referred to as a “home video”.

Miami Video Production Applications

Video production and filmography can be used for many different applications. You may be looking into a specific type of video production depending on the organization you are representing and what you want the edit to achieve. Videos can be used to entertain, inform, educate, advertise, and more. Common types of video production in Miami include movie production, television show production, commercials, corporate videos, marketing videos, event videos, and product videos.

Video Production Styles & Techniques

Most video scripts are written with a specific tone in mind. Certain filming techniques can be used in order to create the desired feeling or message. The methods used in a videography are generally decided by the video producers. Common videography techniques and styles include:

  • Stable shots, also known as locked down shots, are achieved with a tripod.
  • Natural or energetic shots are captured by using a handheld camera only.
  • For smooth motion shots, a Steadicam is used with the video camera.
  • A jib or crane may be used to capture vertical motion or action shots.
  • For fast motion shots, a gimbal is used to compensate for the movement and acts as a powerful Steadicam.

Video Editing Tools

Producing and filming a video is an art, but the editing is where everything comes together. The ability to edit a video with just the right cuts and transitions can make or break a video’s success. Years of experience as well as training in different video editing software both contribute to the quality of the edits. Adobe Premiere Elements and Final Cut Pro X are common video editing tools used by video editors. After Effects is another software that allows special effects to be incorporated. Producers and video editors work hand-in-hand to take the video footage and give it the tone and emotion the producer is looking to achieve. 

There is a lot that goes into producing a video from start to finish, but the results can be extraordinarily rewarding. Stay on track and organized through the whole process with the help of a professional team. MU2 Productions is a leading Miami video production company that offers a range of video services. Contact us today at (561) 926-3679 to discuss your project needs!

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