5 Benefits of Hiring a Miami Video Production Company Like MU2

Commercial Video Production

Video production companies in Miami can provide the same realm of benefits that companies based in Los Angeles, New York, and other high-level production locations. Thousands of commercials and content project are filmed here year round with help with production companies like MU2. Miami acts like the “east coast’s version of L.A” offering a deep pool of production veterans, various types of locations that match any location, strong casting, and of course high caliber producers and fixers provided by MU2, a premier Miami based video production company. Miami also offers a great place to wine and dine out of town clients.


Miami has every technical production service you can think of including services MILO ad BOLT robot studios for specialized foods shoot, product shoot, and motion control shots, we have any rental required on a shoot, high-quality FX Studios, and more. MU2 has been deeply rooted in this network.


When choosing a city and production company to use for your project. Think of us.


Benefits of Miami Video Production


  1. Experience
  2. Creativity
  3. Locations
  4. Talent
  5. Technical Options


Production Experience


Miami video production companies like MU2 stand out above the rest because of their production experience and talent for getting the job done. Our producers have the production chops and connections to get your project across the finish line with ease and on budget. MU2 is connected to a deep-rooted network of professionals at their disposal in Miami. Every single crew member on an MU2 shoot from the producer to PA is an industry veteran. Everyone that’s hired has years upon years of the highest commercial and film experience and are simply talented at what they do, which leads to extreme professionalism throughout their projects. MU2 utilizes all of their assets to stay on top of every project and craft something that truly shows off just how well versed they are in what they do. All of this possible because of the production foundation in the city of Miami.




Miami has a deep pool of creatives as well, from Cinematographers, Art Directors, Production Designers, Food Artists and Directors, MU2 is made up of team of Producers, Directors, and Cinematographers so they are not only able to take any idea provided and bring it to life, but can also know the ins and outs of making the creative work logistically. Whether it’s an ad agency or another production company, Miami video production company like MU2 is able to provide both high-end Direction and Cinematic creativity. Miami is quickly turning into a hot spot for artists and creative specialist, and MU2 is the perfect one-stop shop in Miami when it comes to developing ideas cinematically.




Despite being located in Miami, known for its palm trees an beaches, the city also has a wide variety of “Non-Miami” look locations. Homes that feel like Midwest suburbs, a quiet home in the northeast, city looks, ranch style locations, and more. As a Miami video production company, we have several sources that can replicate almost any look that is needed of them. We also have studio level locations, including the biggest Cyc wall found on the east coast. So if you are looking for a sandy beach on the coast, a dense forest in the Pacific Northeast, streets of the metropolitan northeast Miami is your answer.




Miami as a Miami video production company has a deep pool of models, actors, actresses, extras and any other performer. They have high-end beauty models, comedic and dramatic level actors, top-tier commercial dancers, and more. MU2 is connected with all the top-level casting directors if a full casting is required or can be provided a wind range of talent options through their various connections with Talent Agencies. So if you need a tattooed vintage looking pin-up girl, the young grandmother, or group of kids for a classroom, we can arrange it all. Miami is able to provide any talent look you want for any project.


Technical Options


Miami also has all the technical requirements of your commercial or content project covered. Whether it’s a tool or technical operator MU2 have anything you would ever need on lock. Everything from the best Drone pilot is the country, to the Cam Ops and AC’s who’ve worked big budget films, all the way to VFX supervisors handling today’s top software. And as far as the tools needed to get the job done, there is absolutely nothing Miami and therefor MU2 can’t provide – Motion Control Robots, High-Speed Cameras, Chase cars, the biggest techno cranes, the most sought-after camera/lenses in the market, and more.


Miami based video production companies are ideal for the next big advertisement. They offer wide benefits that very few places in the United State or the world. So if you are looking for a city to shoot in, Miami is a choice you should consider. Contact MU2 Productions, your choice for a Miami Video Production Company. They’ve previously worked with a wide range of visiting and local ad agencies on a project for clients like McDonald’s, Honda, Disney, Toyota, Sauza Tequila, Coors and are actively looking to produce your next project. To schedule a meeting for the next video production shoot, call MU2 Productions today at (561) 926-3679 or simply contact them through our website.

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